As an exhibitor your main priority is maximising your ROI at an event and this is easier than you may have initially thought. Even if you’re new to the tradeshow environment and exhibiting your business! Social media is a great platform for creating a buzz before a show. It’s essential that you build awareness for your business and your stand before you exhibit or you risk being outshined by your competitors.

B2B tradeshows can be very beneficial - if you can drum up the business you are looking for that is, to ensure your exhibition runs smoothly plan in advance and structure a thorough social marketing campaign.

Here are some tips for creating a buzz before you exhibit. 


Twitter should be at the core of your social marketing campaign. The nature of the site makes it simple to spread your posts virally; people don’t have to follow you in order to find your tweet, which means it’s likely potential clients searching for news on the event will come across your posts. Use the hash tag for the show you’re exhibiting at or create one if it has not already been made.

Hash tags allow twitter users to follow tweets and keep them updated on the event build up. Using hash tags is also an effective way of networking with other businesses that will also be attending the show. Keep an eye on what they are posting for inspiration. Add a hash tag to every tweet you post and everyone interested in those subjects can follow the updates. At Aris Design we offer a social media service, we manage all you social marketing and ensure tweets are posted regularly and are always engaging and informative.

Tips for creating a good tweet:

• Keep it brief - the tweet should be concise as Twitter has a 140-character limit on tweets, abbreviations are acceptable if they are recognisable! If readers will identify the show in its abbreviated form and that hash tag is trending use it

• Be professional - ensure all your tweets are professional and informative; try to avoid any personal opinion from business tweets. Opinionated tweets can be destructive for company image.

• Stand number - don’t forget to include your stand number as frequently as possible, ideally every time you tweet so that your followers can find you at the show and hopefully add your stand to their itinerary for the day of the show.

• Live tweet - make sure you post on the day of the event this will keep people that couldn’t attend informed and in the loop. Post photos of your stand during the event or shortly after.


Facebook gives you more scope in terms of posting content, the character limit is more generous and you can also include photos and videos that will be displayed in the post itself rather than directing the reader to another page (which is often a tiresome task on mobile devices)

Make the content appealing don’t be afraid to write something humorous or witty. Your posts should be engaging; once you find common ground with your followers your posts will stand out on their newsfeed.

Tips for creating a good Facebook post:

Simple and Snappy – the message should be to the point don’t reel off bulk information just because you can! No one will read it, they’ll find your website if they want to read up on your company

• Post something witty – remember it’s rare that you will make sales directly from a social media post so don’t conform to the typical boring sales posts. This is your opportunity to engage with people, update them on your stand but also relate to them on a personal level write something clever or witty. Your aim is to get your post shared and cause a buzz of interest for your company. 

• Embed an image or video – video advertising is a beneficial marketing resource for businesses, we can create a promotional video for your business, which is ideal to post on social media. Here are some examples of our work. Also take plenty photos of the finished stand or ask for our professional photos and post these after the event.

• Tagging – make sure you check in when you are at the event, it’s important to live post while your are exhibiting, this will make your post more visible as it will be featured on the venue’s Facebook page, people searching for the event will then find your post via the check in. Tag any other companies or people you are collaborating with, this way your post will be seen by a wider audience and you can reach out to their followers.

Google+ and YouTube

Your Google+ account should be linked to your YouTube account, this will improve the traffic to both accounts. Google+ is a useful platform to advertise on. Needless to say Google will find your Google+ page, people searching for the products or services you provide might come across your Google+ page before your website. Make sure you have verified the account with your website so they can be easily directed there should they want to read up on your company or find our more information. 

 Tips for creating a good Google+ post:

• Post events and updates - posts via Google+ will be less colloquial and should be more informative. Explain in more detail your products and services and feature any events you’re attending.

• Your audience - people don’t tend to primarily use these pages to connect with people but ensure you have linked with a large audience of people – as with any social media account. 

• Be informative – the audience you are targeting will be different to Twitter/ Facebook followers, people that find your page might not yet be familiar with the event you’re exhibiting so keep your contacts updated with any events you will be attending make sure you include the details, for example: address, date/time, stand number.

• Publish to your Google+ page what you’re already publishing to other channels, optimize the first 45-50 characters of your posts as these will become the post’s page title in Google’s search results. Sharing information on Google+ helps Google index more of your content.


Linkedin is used for your corporate contacts, communicating with clients and other companies. Your communication on this website should be more formal, tailor your posts to the intended audience. They should be professional and have purpose. Post about the event and remind people of the location, date/time and your stand number. You can post photos of your stand after the event but not in the same volume you will on the other websites. Make sure you send requests to any clients you have done business with or have communicated with throughout your time at the show. 

We hope this information has been helpful to you and please feel free to leave us some feedback or add to this with your own experiences?

Alternatively give us a call on 020 8702 8100 or drop us an email at if you require any help regarding your exhibiting needs. 


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